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Japan, picture #19
Indonesia, picture #320
Kakadu National park, picture #191
Kakadu National park
Sri Lanka, picture #363
Sri Lanka
Schladming, picture #106
Thailand, picture #379

As a child, we read out to the holes books about pirates, treasure island, treasure chest. Antarctica or South America, Hungary, Barbados, Israel, Jodhpur, Kuala Lumpur. Imagination painted exotic islands, open spaces of the distant seas, mysterious caves and treasures. Then we even could not imagine that will see it with your own eyes.

Malaysia, picture #511
Vatican, picture #304
Ko Lan, picture #63
Ko Lan
Spain, picture #480
Plaza de Espana, picture #86
Plaza de Espana
USA, picture #314

Since ancient times, people have traveled to other countries with different purposes - treatment, cognition of the world, recreation, education, pilgrimages and so on. Keep in mind that even for healthy people to acclimatize to an entirely new conditions required from 3 days to a week (with the age the acclimatization can be more difficult), so it is better to give up the idea of short-term traveling to strange countries.

Michigan, picture #206
Turkey, picture #485
Singapore, picture #469
Paradise, picture #211
Colorado, picture #40
Ibiza, picture #536

Very popular is medical and health tourism. Travelers allowed the complex of procedures aimed at improving health. These include massage rooms, therapeutic baths (salt, mud, mineral), located in various sources (lakes, mountain landscapes), and others. All these procedures are beneficial to health. Why do so many of us love to travel? The main reason, of course, is the pursuit of entertainment.

Japan, picture #275
Cook Ship, picture #96
Cook's Ship
London, picture #384
Australia, picture #425
Siberia, picture #474
Kaaba, picture #246

Japanese garden or Versailles, Peter the Great monument or Antelope Canyon - how nice that the memories of the trip remain in the photos. Great reminiscences then return to the places where I was happy - Zimbabwe, Panama, Kangaroo Island or Yuanyang. Travel is a great anti-depressant. South America or Antarctica, Asia or Europe - the fate of the Earth and the people living on it is more and more dependent on the activity of the person, the behavior of each of us.

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