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Yosemite, picture #317
Borneo, picture #179
Russia, picture #483
Versailles, picture #130
Russia, picture #519
The Komodo dragon, picture #324
The Komodo dragon

People have a passion for travel. Ask any stranger you meet - old or young, man or woman - if they would like to visit, say, Asia or Africa, Solomon Islands or Burkina Faso, Bromo or Amazon river? I think the answer is yes.

France, picture #215
Antarctica, picture #190
Thailand, picture #108
Panama, picture #32
Mamuthones mask, picture #316
Mamuthones mask
Munich, picture #221

Perito Moreno or Serengeti, Niagara Falls or Rome Coliseum - travelers expect from a trip a unique adventure and interesting experiences. It does not matter if they visit North America or Asia, Uzbekistan, Egypt or Mongolia, on a trip for a weekend or a few weeks, they usually want something more than just a vacation by the pool.

Patagonia, picture #3
Peter the Great, picture #77
Peter the Great
Burj Dubai, picture #143
Burj Dubai
Maldives, picture #117
Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, picture #247
Al-Masjid an-Nabawi
Singapore, picture #469

If beckon given, and so I want to see what is beyond the horizon, I take the challenge and go - Africa or South America, South Korea or Maldives, Berlin or Acapulco!

France, picture #243
Andalusia, picture #196
Wat Mahathat, picture #39
Wat Mahathat
Schladming, picture #106
Etosha, picture #251
Niagara Falls, picture #502
Niagara Falls

After traveling to the edge of the world, for ten or fifteen thousand miles from home, people come back, as if born again. Many of the old problems simply cease and turn into amusing misunderstandings.

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