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Potala palace. Lhasa tours. Tibet travel

At present, the Chomolungma in Tibet and Nepal is an object of commercial tourism.

Climbing to the top with a guide costs from 40 to 60 thousand dollars. However, for athletes the price is high, because you have to pay an entrance fee to the national park, an environmental fee ... there are a lot of expenses. The average climbing time is 2-3 months, during which climbers several times rise and go down. Each time climbing to a higher and higher point, climbers then descend a bit to allow the body to get used to high-altitude conditions, to acclimatize.

Given the fact that climbing is available only a couple of weeks in May and autumn, because the rest of the time at the top there are too strong winds, from those who do not push in the season. On especially good days for climbing, slopes even form from those who wish to climb. However, do not devalue such an achievement as climbing Everest. Even having paid a lot of money, the climber must be prepared, must give everything physically and mentally, because staying at such a height is a serious matter.

Many climbers remain on the mountain forever. Even if you do not touch on tragedies, when the mountain took away many lives at once, expeditions often experience deaths of climbers: someone runs out of oxygen, someone runs out of strength. And in such conditions, cerebral edema, a complication of altitude sickness, is not long in coming. Most of the bodies of those killed on Everest remain on the slopes of the mountain - there are no resources to remove them, because the helicopter will not rise to such a height, and no one will remove the bodies and carry them on themselves in the "death zone" (altitude more than 8000 meters above sea level) will agree.

There are frequent cases when a stream of climbers passes by a dying climber without stopping or trying to help him. And the bodies of the unsuccessful conquerors of the Jomolungma lie, and some even serve as guidelines for the following. The ecological situation on the slopes of Everest is not simple either, because garbage removal from such a height is also a great difficulty, and climbers often throw empty oxygen cylinders right on the trail.

However, this issue of the authorities of Nepal (namely, from the side of Nepal is now the most popular commercial route) in recent years has somewhat advanced towards its solution. In recent years, the Chinese authorities have also drastically taken to correct the environmental situation, they even want to remove the bodies of the dead from the mountain. In particular, at the moment the number of climbing permits issued per year is limited, and access to the sports base camp for tourists is prohibited.

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